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Top Rated Center for Hypnosis Weight Loss Consultant in Robertsdale Alabama

Meet Julie Nise, Decorated Hypnotist and Owner of Robertsdale Hypnosis

Julie was a National Accounts Manager for several high-tech medical device companies after college…. until she made a mid-career change.  Seeing little advancement opportunity in that situation, she decided to go a completely different direction.  She got a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and eventually became licensed as a therapist in 2003.  Hypnosis for smoking cessation started out as an interesting addition to Julie’s marriage counseling practice in Friendswood, Texas, but it soon took over as she saw how much better hypnosis worked to help and heal people than traditional counseling, and it never involves looking at the past.
Within a year or so, Julie expanded into providing hypnosis for weight loss, stress and pain management as part of an elite and very successful group of hypnosis professionals now known as the Master Hypnotist Society. She has trained with them extensively and continually over the last 15 years to learn more and more about people’s patterns and perspectives that prevent them from achieving their small and large life goals. She has become a Senior Trainer for the MHS, and is the past President. She holds several hypnosis and NLP certifications, including Master Practitioner. Julie has done speaking and training around the country on various hypnosis topics, and enjoys hands-on training of new hypnosis students at her clinics.
Since selling her very successful Texas practice in 2016 to one of her students, then relocating to Florida with her husband, Julie established, and then recently sold her Pensacola practice, and is now opening for a third time in Robertsdale, Alabama.
Julie lives in Pensacola with her husband, Jim, a retired former Naval aviator, and her two Border Collies, Bogey and Rio. Julie loves to train her dogs, travel to Italy any time she has the chance, and cook in the big “chef’s kitchen” she built in her new home. If there’s a new restaurant in town, she’s probably going there soon, and since she’s found Netflix, she likes to binge-watch romantic English TV series and veterinarian shows!


“A conscious decision in the operating room”

Clinical trial tests the use of hypnosedation instead of general anesthesia during some breast cancer surgeries.

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“People really lie at work?!?”

Exert from the iHeartMedia/KTRH interview with Julie Nise on Lying in The Workplace


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